Have you ever seen Elba?

I mean the real one, the one with a thousand faces, the one that if you know it you won’t leave it anymore, because you can’t help but be bewitched by it.

The narrow and flowery streets of Poggio and Marciana, the poignant sunsets on the Chiessi and Pomonte seafront, the pastel colors of the ancient residences of Marciana Marina or the long mountain paths that cross the island in a succession of views over the islands of the archipelago.

Have you ever seen Portoferraio? the old Cosmopoli, whose streets of the historic center exude history and evoke memories of ancient deeds.

And the sunny mines of Capoliveri? a fascinating journey, from the depths of the earth to wild and brightly colored beaches.

Here .. I gave you good reasons to come and visit us, and know that the only thing that doesn’t matter here is how the weather will be tomorrow!

See you soon